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Band Heaters

Band heaters are ring-shaped devices that are used to heat cylindrical pipes or tubes. Particularly prominent throughout the plastics industry, they’re typically used as a heat source for the moulding process. They can also be used for drum heating, film processing, and hot melting adhesive containers. In addition, they may be used to heat internal diameters when it is desired to conduct dry heat from the inside, for instance for the internal heating of rollers.

The standard mica band heater consists of a resistance winding which is accurately spaced over a flexible mica insulator to form the element interior. This is then covered by additional mica insulation and fitted into an outer metal casing. The assembly is formed to the required diameter, ensuring an extremely smooth internal finish and thus avoiding local hot spots when a heater is fitted and energised. Standard heaters are available in diameters to suit customers’ requirements.

Leads can be fitted from the face or the edge of the heater to facilitate the fitting of heaters in areas where space is limited. Plus, they can also be fitted from a terminal box if required, and we offer metal braided sleeves for additional protection.

Our electric band heaters come in a range of designs including:

  • Sealed band heaters
  • Two halved band heaters
  • Serrated band heaters
  • Knuckle heaters

Knuckle heaters

Knuckle heaters are a type of band heater that is extremely versatile. Designed to withstand temperatures of up to 450°C, they are extremely flexible and the team at Hedin Heaters supply large quantities of these heaters to our customers worldwide.

This type also offers the advantages of flexibility, providing easy fitting and enabling non-circular cylinders to be evenly heated. The construction is based on an element spiral which is supported in a series of interlocking refractories and then encased in an insulating heat-resistant metal outer cover which is itself serrated to maintain flexibility. Flanges prevent displacement of the interior and heavy-duty clamps with roller bolt fasteners ensuring rigid positioning at the high temperatures involved.

Our team understands that all our customers have different requirements. This is why, as part of our process, our sales team will take the time to discuss your needs with you to ensure you’re provided with the most suitable product.

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At Hedin Heaters, we’re well-versed in delivering electric band heaters to sectors across the world. For more than 80 years, we’ve supplied our leading heating products to customers, combining our technical experience and first-rate customer service we can provide products tailored specifically to our clients.

To find out more or for advice from our expert team, contact Hedin Heaters today.

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