Why Choose A Band Heater?

A wide range of industries require industrial heaters, heating parts and components that play a fundamental role in all manner of machine processes. 

Band heaters are one of the most popular heating devices and can regularly be found in a whole host of applications in numerous industries. 

For more than 80 years, the Hedin Heaters team has supplied customers across the UK and around the world with quality industrial band heaters, and in this article, we’ll explore their benefits and why you should choose band heaters for your application or machine.    

What Are Band Heaters?

Band heaters are a type of ring-shaped heater used to heat cylindrical pipes and tubes. They can be used for all types of heating purposes, including drum heating, film processing and hot melting adhesive containers. However, they’re perhaps most commonly used in the plastics industry, where they are used as a heat source during moulding processes.

Band heaters come in a range of designs including:

  • Sealed band heaters
  • Two-halved band heaters
  • Serrated band heaters 
  • Mica band heaters
  • Nozzle heaters
  • Ceramic Knuckle band heaters 
  • Solid Ceramic band heaters
  • Cast band heaters

A mica band heater is the most common type, and it works by using resistance winding that is spaced over a mica insulator, which forms the interior element. Extra insulation is then placed into a metal external casing and the entire element can be made to meet the specific requirements and measurements of a customer’s machine. 

Knuckle heaters are another popular choice of band heater that is extremely flexible and able to withstand temperatures of up to 450°C. 

The Benefits of Band Heaters

Band heaters offer a variety of great benefits including:

1. High Thermal Conductivity

Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of band heaters is that they’re excellent at conducting high temperatures and transferring heat to the right areas of a machine. This makes them highly efficient heaters that can operate at extremely high temperatures, making them suitable for all kinds of applications.

2. Consistent Heat Distribution

As well as being great at conducting heat and withstanding high temperatures, band heaters also ensure consistent heating across an entire service. This uniform level of heating is often required in machines where precise temperatures are necessary.

3. Durability

All band heaters are manufactured using the finest quality materials, meaning they’re extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, this durability makes them a great choice for machines that may also use corrosive materials or abrasive substances (although in this case a heater of sealed construction should be specified).

4. Bespoke Designs

Band heaters are extremely versatile, and at Hedin Heaters we’re able to manufacture products specifically to meet your needs. This means the heaters can be customised to suit the required size, shape and watt density of your application, with a variety of holes, cut-outs and terminations available to suit your needs.

5. Increased Efficiency

Not only do band heaters offer efficient heat distribution in a uniform fashion, but they also consume less energy than other components. This means energy loss is reduced and they’re more cost effective, resulting in a product that is more efficient overall. 

If you are on the lookout for a leading electric band heater supplier, Hedin Heaters is here to help. We’ve spent decades supplying customers with quality heating elements that help to enhance their operations and improve performance in a whole host of industrial applications. To place an order or find out more about what we do, get in touch with our expert team today. 


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